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Our Pledge to Countering the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

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Carenodes joins the Opioid Action Collaborative

We believe that every life is immeasurably valuable. Statistics, as grim as they are, fall short of delivering justice to the individual lives, families, and communities destroyed by the opioid epidemic.

We stand united with the cause of alleviating the suffering caused by the opioid epidemic. As such we commit to establishing, promoting, and fostering mechanisms by which we can increase our healthcare system’s capability to respond rapidly and effectively to this crisis without exacerbating the administrative burden on providers.

Our healthcare system is all too often all too confusing and fragmented. Systemic changes need to be part and parcel of addressing this crisis effectively. We exist to make it easy to obtain treatment.

By enabling a ‘no-wrong door’ approach, Carenodes is committed to scaling the availability, and adoption of, substance use disorder screenings and referral to treatment. By breaking down silos and leveraging humanism in technology, we pledge to establish a universal gateway to services, resources, and care.

While so many effective tools—including evidence-based treatment modalities exist today--they are not being deployed effectively and in their entity. Carenodes is committed to enabling the mass adoption of these tools and resources. We believe that the guiding principle of “many in body, one in mind” is the only compass to apply—collectively we can make a difference.

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